Smoothed Bumpers,doors,tailgate.Sprinter vented wings.

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Smoothed Bumpers,doors,tailgate.Sprinter vented wings.

Post  Lowlifedubber on Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:32 am

Right i have a lot of smoothed/modified parts off a vr6 im stripping.5door.
1st up are the fully smoothed front and rear bumpers the rear looks perfect but the front has a blemish where the numberplate recess was.
Im not sure how it has been smoothed whether plastic welded or filler but it will need painting anyway as they have sprayed it some garish sparkly blue.

Next there is the rear tailgate now this has had the plinth removed and smoothed.Why they didint delete the rear wiper and badge while they were at it im not too sure but each to their own.Looks to be in good condition to be honest.
Comes with boot popper lock and wiring.

Then there are the front wings.These have had the merc sprinter vents welded into them.Passenger side looks ok but drivers side isnt great.Both the vents have surface rust on them but again,they are spangly blue and will need to be sprayed so sortable.The bottoms of the wings are tidy.

Then there are the doors.Fully smoothed bar the handles(again why i dont know) these are of reasonable quality, but your best bet is come and have a look or i will try and get some more pics at whatever angle you want.Comes with glass if required along with door lock motors.

Wings £50
Doorsx4 £50
Tailgate £50
Bonnet £25

Pick up from Lincoln LN6 or you arrange a man in a van and i will help him load up no problem.


Cheers Gary

Willing to trade for shiny/rare/us mk3 stuff or performance vr6 engine parts.


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