shed clearout

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shed clearout

Post  adi on Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:39 pm

Right time to raise some extra cash for my next daily and clear the shed out. No pic but I have a set of 4 mismatched 4x100 steels with some good and some duff tyres I was going to use to roll my mk2 on, these are free!

Mk2 GTI 8v manifold and downpipe in good condition, upgrade for the 1600/1800 carb engines £20

Mk2 GTI 8v gearbox, slight 2nd gear crunch, not as bad as some I've had, worked fine £40

Mk3 GTI 8v panel filter, looks very much like a KnN, although I can't see KnN written on it anywhere? £5

Mk2/3 airbox heater pipe, usually a missing part £2

Mk2 GTI 8v digifant Bosch MAF and intake pipe, in working order £15

90 spec stalks, non GTI (no MFA), worked perfectly £5

Mk3 GTI clocks, showing 149k, come with loom so you can fit these to a 90 spec mk2 but you need the gearbox speed sensor (which I have somewhere) £15

Mk2 GTI coil pack, working order £5

Mk2 starter motor, fits all 1600/1800 models £10

Mk2 alternator, again fits all 1600/1800 models £10

VWII front calipers, fit all 1600/1800 mk2s with 239mm vented/solid discs, worked fine, bit grubby £5 each

20mm mk2 master cylinder, worked fine £5

Mk3 GTI handbrake cables £5

And the big one I want gone, I will sell parts individually but would love it to go whole.

Thats a mk2 big block subframe (I have welded a patch on it though) with a near complete PAS setup, 100mm driveshafts, brand new 239mm vented discs not even bedded in yet, 8v GTI hubs, and engine/gearbox mount. Also has the ARB and bottom arms on it. Ask me if you want it or anything off it for a price.

All items in Lincoln, please come and clear me out!


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