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BCD OFFER-Car Body Repair Workshop For Rent Empty BCD OFFER-Car Body Repair Workshop For Rent

Post  Lowlifedubber on Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:22 pm

Right,I have been in talks with Steve Robson who owns a Bodyshop in Birmingham.He has come up with a fantastic idea of renting space out along with his and his teams expertise to guide you through the process.
I think it is a fantastic idea,and while its a couple of hours away,I cant think of another garage anywhere that does this sort of thing so I think it would be well worth the trip down!

Please read below and then visit here http://workshopforrent.co.uk/ and click the "Contact us" box and dont forget to mention where you have seen the ad!

Heres some info:
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Car Body Repair Workshop For Rent
"Birmingham based car workshop to rent with flexible terms. As much space as you want or as little as you need, rent as you earn solutions"

Quality work space only when you need it for Uk car club members.

Over the past 25 years we have met many car club members that have great pride and passion for their choice of vehicle. Many of these owners have tallents in car body repair and spraying but not the workshop to work on their cars. It is expensive to rent and run a whole workshop just to repair or modify your car so here at Workshop For Rent we believe we have the ideal solution for all UK car clubs…. offering you quality flexible work spaces at affordable prices.

BCD OFFER-Car Body Repair Workshop For Rent Workshop-Space-300x225
Many of our customers have said that the option to use a workshop for rent scheme has really limited their costs and given them the piece of mind that they their car is being done in a professional bodyshop environment. They can rent car workshop space or spray booth time to suit their needs on a ‘pay as you work’ basis. They only rent what they need, when they need it.

Passion for cars and meeting new people.
We have noticed that no matter how long you have been passionate about cars or repairing cars for we are all continually learing. When we have multiple spaces rented out and have a variety of car repairers on site…..then you cant help but learn something new.

It could be how to mask up better or faster, how to mix and apply body filler in ways you never thought before or how to apply and spray paint correctly. If you just want to keep yourself to yourself and get you car done that’s fine, but my guess is there will be some new knowledge you will walk away with.

What is on offer with workshop for rent space?
As a basic package we offer quality tiled floorwork spaces of 21ft by 14ft, with a dust extracted DA sander system and an air supply for your air tools.
Basic workshop rates: £80 per day (8 hour day), £300 per week (40 hrs week discounted). Monthly and quarterly can be made available or longer on request.

For additional costs (electric lamps and diesel for spraybooth) you will benefit from using our:

Spray booth hire (time booked)
Panel painting stands
Infrared drying lamps
Automatic spraygun cleaner
Car O Liner – car jig hire
4 poster ramp
3 phase welder
Storage cages for stripping cars
Engine hoist, jacks and stands
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We do not supply sockets sets, spanners, screwdrivers etc or spray guns or air mask equipment that is down to you. You will also need your paints and materials to do your specific job.

So whether you are a professional or a DIY car repairs guy doing:

Cosmetic bodywork like scratch repairs, dent repairs
Full resprays or colour changes
Bodykits or modifications
DIY car body repairs (general public)
Engine swaps or mechanical repairs
all the equipment is here for you. We will even offer guidance if you require it or the odd helping hand to finish your job.

As professional car body repairers we can just do the whole job for you or work on parts you may get stuck on, our services are available on request, quotes per task or job. For examples of our work please visit http://www.bodyworkplusltd.com

Finally, we have our own work and customers so renting you the space to do yours is what is on offer here….with a little help too.

To rent your workshop space and to talk about what it is you want to do, call: 07813-692-391

Or email: bodyworkplusltd@gmail.com

Quality workshop space for UK car clubs and their membe
rs.BCD OFFER-Car Body Repair Workshop For Rent Workshop-Space-300x225
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BCD OFFER-Car Body Repair Workshop For Rent Empty Re: BCD OFFER-Car Body Repair Workshop For Rent

Post  laity_Golf on Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:46 pm

This is a really good idea.... Open a workshop in Lincoln Wink

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