Exhaust/engine bits, freebie content

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Exhaust/engine bits, freebie content

Post  adi on Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:02 am

I've got a GU (1.8 carb) downpipe £free
Newish over axle box £10
A universal backbox (think its a big bore 4), round inward rolled tip £10
Rebuilt PB (8v gti) block, new bearings, oil pump, rings, needs a clean up as its benn sat, still turns over £20
PB inlet manifold £5
PB throttle body £5
PB injectors £5
PB alternator, works but has worn bearings (can be rebuilt cheaply) £free
8v gti radiator, doesn't leak but its in used condition, think it needs a fan switch, although the fan works £5
mk2 1300 header tank (no sensor) £free

All in Lincoln


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