Headlights(Angel)2xRear Lights(FK LED&GTI)Steering wheel +more

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Headlights(Angel)2xRear Lights(FK LED&GTI)Steering wheel +more

Post  Lowlifedubber on Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:15 pm

Right peoples ive got some stuff i need to get rid of.Items located in Lincoln LN6 im crap at wrapping stuff up but im willing to post at cost price plus a box of jaffa cakes.

Sonar Angel Eyes:I did a swap with these for some MK4 style lights.They are pretty good nick,all uprated H1 bulbs included.Adjusters are fine and all four rings work perfectly.Just not my thing.They need a clean as there is some smeg on the lense.

Next up some FK rear LED Lights.When i bought these a load of leds had gone in the back so i bought a shedload of new ones and put them in.All work fine now.I will be honest and say the lights are looking tired,they have slight crazing to the lense so bear this in mind when buying.Original box supplied.£140 new if your daft enough to pay that.

Standard GTI back lights,very good condition,complete with bulb holder.

Chrome(proper metal) door handles(2 of) boxed and brand new as i got a spare set.Perfect nick as box not even opened.This is what they look like.

Standard GTI (i think)Steering wheel came out of a driver,but theyre are the same spec inside as far as i believe.Large spline as are all MK3'S good nick too.

All items plus postage,im willing to swap for anything MK3 related as im stupid like that.
Also selling a MK3 SS Powerflow DTM BACKBOX.
pm me on here or email:garyforrest21@googlemail.com


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