mk2 golf/jetta

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mk2 golf/jetta

Post  adi on Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:07 pm

Well now the wedding is out the way and I'l actually have some of my wages going spare Laughing its time for the missus to take on the GTD and I'm after another GTI (cuz the chav within wants some exhaust noise).
I'd prefer one with TnT but will consider one without if its the right price and doesn't need a lot of work to put right. Price wise I'm looking at around £400 for an MOT'd one, I know its not a big budget for a mk2 but the GTD needs taxing and needs quite a bit of work doing as well. I'm not worried if its a tatty example as long as its not a complete rotbox. Can do a deal without wheels too. Anyone got anything?


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