porsch white telediles with adaptors to 4x100

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porsch white telediles with adaptors to 4x100

Post  gazman1011 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:16 pm

hi all, after buying these i prefure the BBS RAs so im selling the telediles i bought,
they have new tyres on, one still has the orange line, they have a slight stretch to them to, i have the adaptors to 4X100
the wheels them self have few imperfections as expected, and can see where they have been patch repaired, all bolts with the adaptors and adaptors in good nick, all im after is to get thwe money back i paid,

price: £400 delivered ONO

[img width=764 height=1023]http://i967.photobuc...ne200311070.jpg[/img]
[img width=1023 height=764]http://i967.photobuc...ne200311067.jpg[/img]

please call 07858603121 or pm

the wheels are in HX50PA


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